Building Insider: Manning Rd, with Chris Stribley, Principal of Cera Stribley Architects

19 May 2022
  by Fortem Projects


At Fortem Projects, we’re privileged to collaborate with some of Melbourne’s top architects, sharing a mutual dedication to quality. Our enthusiasm for tackling challenges and solving problems is exemplified in our project on Manning Road, where we had the opportunity to construct a bespoke home that stands out for its exceptional quality.

Collaboration with Cera Stribley Architects

The project began with our client’s clear vision and introduction to Chris Stribley, a principal at Cera Stribley Architects. This marked our first partnership with the firm, and it was evident from the start that we shared a commitment to creating timeless, original architecture.

Excellence in Construction

Chris Stribley noted the exceptional caliber of Fortem Projects from our first meeting, highlighting our proactive approach and commitment to excellence throughout the project. This collaboration was pivotal in delivering a special build for our client.

Emphasis on Problem Solving and Collaboration

Problem-solving and collaboration are core to our ethos at Fortem Projects. We value the opportunity to work closely with architects, ensuring that issues are addressed proactively and solutions are aligned with the architectural vision.

Importance of Communication

Effective communication was critical to the success of the Manning Road project. Regular meetings and clear articulation of responsibilities ensured all parties were aligned on the project’s timeline and deliverables.

Focus on Contract Administration

Good contract administration is crucial for a smooth building process. Our approach to contract management is characterized by thoroughness and timeliness, facilitating quick and informed decision-making.


The collaboration with Cera Stribley Architects on the Manning Road project stands as one of our most distinguished achievements. This partnership not only overcame numerous challenges but also resulted in a remarkable transformation of a Federation home.

For further details on this transformation, please Contact Us or view the project here.

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